Wood Harvest Festival Pumpkin Decoration Manufacturers Introduce The Production Steps Of Halloween Pumpkin Lanterns

Update:12 Jul

Legend has it that there was an Irish man named Stingy Jack who was very mean and always made fun of the devil. After he died, heaven didn't want him because he was too stingy, and hell didn't want him because he made fun of the devil.

He had nowhere to go but walked around, carrying a white radish with charcoal fire given by the devil in it. Light the way ahead. Over time, this legendary white radish evolved into a pumpkin. Later, on Halloween, people will light up the jack-o-lantern symbolizes Jack scaring away ghosts and ghosts. Since jack-o-lanterns are orange, orange is also the color of Halloween. Wood Harvest Festival Pumpkin Decoration Manufacturers introduce the specific production steps of Halloween pumpkin lanterns:


1. Open the lid of the cleaned pumpkin
Don't open the lid too small, otherwise, it will be difficult to take out the flesh. Use a fruit knife or a small sawtooth to slowly cut a circle, and finally pull out the cover and scrape off the sticky silk and pulp.

2. Take the flesh of the pumpkin
Use a small spoon or spatula to loosen the flesh inside the pumpkin, and finally scrape it evenly on the wall of the pumpkin. Don't make the pumpkin too thick or too thin. If it is too thick, it will be difficult to cut the knife when

carving, and if it is too thin, it will easily break or wilt.

3. Drawing graphics on the pumpkin
If you have a picture you like from the Internet, you can print it out, fix it on the pumpkin with transparent glue or a small thumbtack, and then use the end of a pen or a paper clip to face the pattern to make small eyes one by one. Note that the parts to be removed are marked with shading. After removing the picture, you can see such a small dot picture that already has a graphic style on the pumpkin. It is also a good choice to draw by hand, the water-based pen can draw on it, and it is easy to erase. But also pay attention to marking the shaded areas.

4. Carving
Use a small fruit knife or a small sawtooth to carve the shape bit by bit along the small eye you just made or the line you drew. Tips: pay attention to the knife, the knife should be as vertical as possible without any angle.

5. Grooming
The carving is done, is it possible to see what it looks like? But it wasn't finished yet. Due to the uneven thickness of the pumpkin wall, or because the angle of the knife during carving is different, the carved pumpkin is not very perfect (such as the mouth in the picture), which will affect the final light transmission effect, so you can use a smaller one. The cutter then puts the finishing touches on the unsatisfactory areas.

6. Completion
Go wash the pumpkin and wipe it clean, then put a small candle in it, and the jack-o-lantern is ready.