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Taizhou Jiaxuan Industry and Trade Co., Ltd.

is an import and export enterprise integrating development, design, production and sales. The company is famous

China Wooden Holiday Decorations Manufacturers and Wholesale Wooden Holiday Decorations Suppliers

, and it specializes in holiday decorations, garden decorations, home decorations, furniture and storage product.
The company has its own design team, sample room and proofing room, which can design products according to customers' requirements and respond quickly to the new trends of products.
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  • Q: Where are your goods mainly exported to?

    A: Our products are mainly exported to dozens of countries including the United States, Germany, Japan, Spain, Italy, Britain, South Korea, Australia, Canada and so on.

  • Q: How are the goods delivered to customers?

    A: Usually we ship by sea. We are very close to Ningbo Beilun Port, so it is very convenient to export. Of course, if the customer’s cargo is urgent, we can also transport it by air. Ningbo Airport and Shanghai International Airport are very close to us.

  • Q: What is the payment method?

    A: When quoting, we will confirm the transaction method with you, FOB, CIF, CNF or other methods. In mass production, we generally pay 30% in advance, and the remaining 70% is paid before shipment. Most of our payment methods are T/T, of course, L/C can also be accepted.

  • Q: How does your company guarantee product quality?

    A: We will have corresponding inspections after each process. For the final product, we will do 100% full inspection according to customer requirements and international standards.