Wood Harvest Festival Maple Leaf Decoration Manufacturers Introduce The Symbolism Of Maple Leaves

Update:16 Sep

The maple leaf is not only a simple leaf but also has rich symbolic meaning. Below, Wood Harvest Festival Maple Leaf Decoration Manufacturers introduce the symbolic meaning of maple leaf:

1. Perseverance
The spiritual perseverance of maple leaves is due to the fact that in the late autumn, plants gradually begin to go dormant and wither, but maple leaves can endure the cold of late autumn, and the redness of maple leaves can make people feel the burning hope in late autumn, so it represents perseverance. Spirit.

2. Memories and attachments
Maple leaves begin to grow in spring and gradually fall off in late autumn. Seeing maple leaves that have fallen to the ground, people can't help but sigh about the memories they have experienced and express their attachment to the good memories.

3. Fortune
Maple leaves are particularly red in late autumn. The ancients have a description of "frost leaves are red in February flowers". Chinese people like bright red, which is festive and represents good luck.

The three meanings of the maple leaf all have the growth time and shape characteristics of the maple leaf, no matter which one has a very typical symbolic meaning.