Wood Harvest Festival Maple Leaf Decoration Factory Introduces 5 Ways To Prevent Mildew On Wood

Update:30 Aug

Wood Harvest Festival Maple Leaf Decoration Factory introduces 5 ways to prevent mildew on wood:

The anti-mold treatment method of wood can be treated by drying method, sulfur fumigation, anti-fungal spraying, soaking with an anti-fungal agent and water, vacuum pressure injection of an anti-fungal agent with water, etc. Wood erosion, each wood processing factory, furniture factory, or handicraft factory can choose different anti-mildew treatment methods according to the factory's own situation.

1. Drying method to prevent wood mildew: drying the wood, using special equipment to heat the wood, artificial conventional room (kiln) drying refers to the use of wood drying room (kiln) to dry the wood. It can artificially control the drying conditions to dry the wood, referred to as room drying or kiln drying. In the current domestic and foreign wood drying production, conventional room drying accounts for 85%-90% of wood drying production. The heat source used is a steam heater, which needs to be equipped with a steam boiler. This method is expensive. Although it can reduce the moisture content, it cannot fundamentally solve the problem. For example, the humidity in the environment where the wood is stored is high, and the wood will absorb moisture again, which will increase the humidity of the wood and cause mold. It is suitable for short-term storage of wood or seasonal storage with low humidity and temperature.

2. Sulfur fumigation method to prevent wood mold: In the beginning, sulfur fumigation was used for wood anti-mold, anti-corrosion, and insect control, which requires more than 5% of wood moisture. Sulfur fumigation is when sulfur vapor and water vapor can react to generate sulfur dioxide, which is injected at normal pressure for about 25 minutes. in wood fibers. Sulfur combustion will form sulfur dioxide, which will cause the sulfur dioxide to seriously exceed the standard. At the same time, sulfur contains heavy metals such as lead and mercury, which will also cause lead poisoning or mercury poisoning in the human body. Due to environmental protection requirements, this wood mold prevention method is not recommended.

3. Spraying method to prevent wood mildew: This method is suitable for bamboo and wood board treatment, boards (paint-free board, block board large core board, multi-layer plywood, core board, integrated board, MDF, plywood, particle board, palm leaf board, Hexiang board, etc.) if soaked with an antifungal agent, it will cause deformation, so you can use a wood antifungal agent to spray on its surface, directly consult the antifungal agent supplier to purchase fast drying wood antifungal agent to deal with, For bamboo and wood sheet factories, an assembly line can be set up, and automatic anti-mold spray equipment can be set up on the assembly line. When the machine senses the passing of the sheet, the nozzle will automatically spray the anti-mold agent to cover the sheet, and the back end can increase drying. equipment, drying it, this method can reduce the amount of labor and chemicals used. If the dosage is small or it is inconvenient to set up the spray box, you can directly use the sprayer to spray evenly on the surface of the board or use a clean mop to apply the agent to the board.

4. Immersion method to prevent wood mold: In order to ensure the anti-mold and insect-proof effect of bamboo, wood, rattan, grass, and its products after treatment, use wood mold inhibitor stock solution to soak the wood, and bamboo, wood, rattan, and grass should be increased after impregnation. Weight 15%-20% (about 5-10 minutes). Remarks: The soaking liquid is prepared according to the ratio of 1:20 (5Kg wood mildew inhibitor: 100Kg water). Bamboo, wood, rattan, grass, and their products are all immersed in the prepared potion (do not expose the water surface), after reaching a weight gain of 15%-20%, increase or decrease the soaking time and weight gain according to the dry humidity of the bamboo and wood, and then take out the drops. Dry potion, air-dried or sun-dried, and put into storage. Large-scale bamboo and wood processing needs to build a pool, which is convenient to use.

5. Vacuum pressurization method to prevent wood mold: This method is to place the wood in a vacuum container, and vacuum out the air in the wood cell cavity to form a negative pressure. When the wood mold inhibitor solution is poured into the container under vacuum, the pressure difference inside and outside the cell causes the liquid to enter the wood. The vacuum method has a good treatment effect and relatively simple equipment. Generally, it can be installed and used in larger ancient pavilions, pavilions, corridors, and maintenance sites. Add a certain pressure in a special airtight container, and inject the wood mold inhibitor into the pores of the wood fiber. The effect of pressure treatment is better than that of other methods, and the wood antifungal agent penetrates deeply and distributes evenly. Industrial production, large output, easy to achieve quality control, generally used as anti-mildew and anti-corrosion treatment of bamboo and wood with high density and not easy to penetrate. In the maintenance project of large-scale concentrated ancient pavilions and corridors, in order to ensure the quality of treated wood, smaller pressure treatment tanks can also be installed as needed.