Wood Christmas Tree Decoration Factory Introduces The Types Of Common Christmas Trees

Update:30 Dec

Wood Christmas Tree Decoration Factory introduces the types of common Christmas trees:

1. Pines are the general designation for the Pinaceae, Taxaceae, Cupressaceae, and Araucariaceae in the gymnosperm phylum Coniferaceae. Among them, most of the cypress trees do not appear in the shape of a triangular tower, and are rarely used as Christmas trees; at the same time, the Araucaceae trees are native to the southern hemisphere (except for New Zealand and Australia in the southern hemisphere), and are usually only used as Christmas trees in the southern hemisphere. In other areas, it is rarely used as a Christmas tree; in Pinaceae and Pinaceae, because the number of species in Pinaceae is more than ten times that of Pinaceae, plants of Pinaceae are often used as Christmas trees.

2. More than ten species of trees of the genus Abies in the family Pinaceae are the most popular tree species used as Christmas trees in the world. Because of their beautiful tree shape, pleasing color and smell, and the leaves are not easy to fall off after felling and drying, they become the most popular. Christmas tree species. Among them, the European fir (also known as fir tree, or white fir) is regarded as the most traditional Christmas tree.

3. Spruce, like fir, has a tower-shaped tree shape and strip-shaped hard leaves and is also one of the main tree species of Christmas trees. Among them, Norway spruce is a very common Christmas tree species because it is easy to grow and cheap.

4. Members of the genus Pinus, such as European Scots pine, stone pine, and other pine trees, will also be selected as Christmas tree species in some areas. But compared to fir and spruce, the amount is much smaller.