Wood Christmas Tree Decoration Factory Introduces The Decoration Requirements For Christmas Tree

Update:15 Jul

Does Wood Christmas Tree Decoration Factory introduce what are the standard configurations for decorating a Christmas tree?

1. red
During Christmas, there are basically red decorations, which symbolize the color of Jesus' blood, so it is essential to decorate the Christmas tree red, and usually choose some red ribbons for decoration.

2. Spiny leaves
The prototype of the Christmas tree is the holly tree, which has a symbol of longevity, and it is definitely impossible to use a real holly tree for indoor decoration. That's what Jesus wore on his head when he was crucified.

3. Star of Bethlehem
This is actually the star at the top of the Christmas tree, and it is also a must-have item for Christmas tree decoration. It is very characteristic and belongs to the iconic item that reveals the location of the birth of Jesus. It
represents the redemption of Jesus and expresses the glory of Christ and humanity. hope.

4. Bells
The most common decoration for Christmas trees is the bell. It comes from the hands of the shepherd and has the function of bringing the lost sheep back to the shepherd. It symbolizes that people who are lost can find God through the
sound of the bell, which means joy in the gospel and exorcising demons. .

5. Ribbon
Silver or white ribbons are indispensable for decorating a Christmas tree. They have a holy color and can make the tree more alive. You can replace it with white light bulbs for a more stunning effect at night. The Christmas tree will
also be decorated with gold ribbons to represent glory.

6. Christmas balls
The many colorful balls decorated on the Christmas tree are derived from apples, because there are many apples in the paradise on earth, which belong to the fruit of wisdom, symbolizing fruitfulness, happiness, joy and eternal life.

7. Walking stick
This was originally the shepherd's cane, and its main function was to pull up the lambs that fell into the trap, and if the cane was turned upside down, it would be very similar to the initial letter J of Jesus, and it also represented

8. Bow tie
The bow connects man and God, tying the love of the two together, symbolizing eternal love.