Wood Christmas Decoration Manufacturers Introduce The Requirements Of Hotel Christmas Decoration

Update:24 Oct

Wood Christmas Decoration Manufacturers introduce the hotel's Christmas environment decoration requirements:

(1), outdoor
1. Set up a 4.8-meter-high Christmas tree full of decorations such as Christmas bells, greeting cards, ribbons, snowflakes, gifts, etc. in the open space outside the hall.

2. All employees wear Christmas dresses, including the service staff at the door, who can also invite some children to dress up as Christmas babies and dance to the Christmas Eve tunes at the door. They are innocent, lively, and cute, adding festive colors and attracting guests.

3. Arrange a Christmas wreath on the revolving door.

4. Hanging event banners (printing) in front of the door, please place event display racks.

(2), restaurant
1. Several large Christmas trees.
2. Several small Christmas trees.
3, a number of little Santa Claus.
4. 400 Christmas flags.

(3) Hall
1. The Christmas cabin, Snow White, white fence combination, or Santa Claus deer sleigh combination are arranged in the center of the hall.

2. Two small Christmas trees are arranged on the left and right sides of the cash register, and lanterns and decorations are hung.
3. Two large Christmas wreaths are arranged on the left and right sides of the cash register background.
4. The glass curtain wall of the hall is sprayed with various Christmas patterns such as Christmas tree, Santa Claus, and Santa Claus portrait.
5. The corridor on the second floor is decorated with golden bows and Christmas wreaths.
6. Front desk staff wear Christmas hats 10 days before the festival.
7. Christmas-colored banners are arranged in the hall corridor.