Wood Christmas Decoration Manufacturers Introduce The Purchase Method Of Wood Veneer Panels

Update:22 Jul

Wood Christmas Decoration Manufacturers introduces the purchase method of wood veneer:

1. Smell the smell. If the plate has a strong odor, it means that the amount of formaldehyde released exceeds the standard and should not be purchased. When purchasing, ask the merchant for a test report to see if the product meets environmental protection standards.

2. Check the quality of the base layer and surface veneer. The price of wood grain veneer is determined by two factors: one is the base material, the better the base material, the more expensive it is. The second is veneer material. The rarer the veneer species, the more expensive the wood veneer; the thicker the veneer, the more expensive the wood veneer. The prices of different wood veneers vary widely. The quality of the veneer can be judged from the following two aspects.

3. It is easy to distinguish whether the artificial wood veneer or the natural wood veneer is selected: the texture of the artificial wood veneer is regular, while the natural wood veneer presents a natural wood pattern with natural texture pattern and no texture. rule. As for the melamine veneer, it is easy to tell the difference because its substrate is MDF and there is no plywood layer.

4. The quality of the back panel is very important. The wood grain panel should pay attention to the material of the back panel. Among the common woods, poplar is good, and sycamore wood is easy to bulge. Not too good.

5. Check the flaws and patterns of the veneer on the surface First, the performance of the veneer should be smooth and intact, with no dead joints, no digging, no sand damage, indentation, and no board surface stains, and other defects. Secondly, the texture of the decorative panel should be meticulous and uniform, clear in color, beautiful and generous, and basically symmetrical. If the pattern is not good or unnatural, it will not look good when painted in the future.