What Kind Of Existence Is Christmas In China?

Update:17 Mar
、Christmas is the most important festival in the West. Everyone will dress up in wood Christmas decoration, which looks festive. But for us Chinese, what kind of existence is Christmas in our eyes? Now let's analyze the Chinese Christmas.
Christmas is a religious festival.
We all know that Christmas is the birthday of Jesus. Looking through the history of Christmas, it is easy to know that its ancestral home is the European Christian world which is farther west than the Buddhist kingdom we are familiar with. Of course, the exact date of Jesus' real birthday is no longer available. Even in different Christian denominations, the time of Christmas is also different. However, after all, believers celebrate Christmas to express their piety, and it’s fine if they want to. Anyway, a year is a birthday, neither more nor less. And no matter what day it is, as long as you are full of sincerity, you can look forward to the success of sincerity. Now, there are also many Christian believers around us. They attach great importance to major festivals such as Christmas. They will gather in churches on Christmas Eve. Of course, most of us who do not believe in Christ may just pass by and watch lively.
Christmas is a commercial holiday.
There is no doubt about this. It is no exaggeration to say that the reason why Christmas has gained such popularity in China today and gained a large number of Chinese fans is due to the large and small businesses in China. I don't know when it started, but Chinese businessmen turned their attention to Christmas in search of business opportunities. But it is normal to think about it. It is only a matter of time before the golden idea of commercializing Christmas is developed by clever Chinese businessmen. Whenever Christmas is coming, we will find that businesses, large and small, put up eye-catching Christmas trees early on, which can easily create a festive and cheerful atmosphere, and by the way, put out the same attractive Christmas trees. The eye-catching Christmas big red signboard is just right for eyeballs, allowing shoppers to make a big purchase. Under the overwhelming commercial publicity, it's hard not to think about Christmas.
Christmas is a festival that blends East and West.
It is estimated that if the person who first translated the word "Christmas Eve" had a spirit in heaven, he would have been blown bearded and stared at in anger - after all, it was hard to find such a "Xinda" word after carefully selecting it from thousands of Chinese characters. To translate "Christmas Eve" with the word "elegant", it must take a lot of hard work. Unexpectedly, the original peaceful and peaceful meaning of "Ping An" was successfully made into an auspicious day for selling apples at a high price by taking advantage of the homophony of Chinese characters by the mischievous fruit merchants in China in later generations. The term "no business, no adultery" has been brought to the extreme. Out of the motivation of a group of Apple vendors who nakedly "look at the money", in fact, this sacred day has been pulled down from the altar, and it has unexpectedly evolved into the public. carnival day. Many people who pay to buy apples just smile knowingly at this kind of price increase, and they don’t really scold the merchants for being bad. Everyone wants to have fun on this day. It’s so lively. old tradition. For Christmas, this matter may also be wrong. After all, being high can only be shelved, and it is easier to enter thousands of homes by integrating into the market.
Generally speaking, Christmas is purely a holiday and has already won the market in China, but if it is regarded as a symbol of civilization, it still has a long way to go in China, but It can be said that during Christmas, the sales of wooden holiday decorations sold in China increased a lot.