It surprised me that! The British Christmas Wish List, ranked first so grounded!

Update:16 Nov
Although there is still a month or so to go before Christmas, consumers abroad are already preparing for Christmas, and the atmosphere is very strong on Christmas Day. Affected by the epidemic, people may choose to celebrate Christmas earlier this Christmas. Among them, the British will start preparing for Christmas earlier than before. Let’s take a look at what the British have done:

Christmas decoration is essential

The first priority during the festival is decoration. Christmas trees and Christmas wreaths are indispensable decorations for the British to celebrate Christmas. According to a report by Notonthehighstreet, Christmas wreaths are among the top Christmas decorations bought by the British. Since October, Christmas wreaths Compared with the same period last year, sales increased by 289%.

Like the holiday items mentioned earlier, Christmas lights are also a must-have Christmas item for households in the UK. At present, the Christmas lights on the market are mainly LED, and there are also some waterproof and dimmable Christmas lights that are also very popular.

The personalized Christmas house number is almost one of the Christmas items that every household purchases and replaces. The trend of personalized Christmas doorplates has intensified in recent years.

The survey showed that although the British people missed last year’s Christmas celebrations due to the epidemic, they would definitely make up for this year’s Christmas activities. The sellers of Christmas products did not achieve an explosive order last year, and this Christmas may be achieved.