How To Use Wood Christmas Tree Decoration

Update:11 Nov

The use process of Wood Christmas Tree Decoration :

1. Buy a Christmas tree, the Christmas tree can be a real evergreen plant, but choosing a suitable evergreen plant model is lighter, can be preserved for a long time, and is more environmentally friendly.

2. Trim the plants and prune the Christmas tree into a suitable shape according to your own ideas, of course, you can design the tree into more shapes, but the regular triangle is undoubtedly common.

3. Wrap the LED light wires around the branches, buy a bundle of colorful LED light wires, and wrap them spirally around the branches. Here I would like to remind everyone to try to wrap the light wires from the root of the tree to the top of the tree, it will look better. beautiful.

4. Decorate the Christmas tree, evenly decorate the Christmas tree with small accessories or trinkets such as balloons, small light bulbs, ribbons, snowflakes, candles, etc. To make the Christmas tree more suitable to your liking, you can put your favorite colored objects on the Christmas tree. Generally speaking, a traditional Christmas tree is usually decorated with red, white, silver, and gold colored balls, which can be plastic or glass. Traditional Christmas trees are also often decorated with fake winterberries and silver bells.

5. Place a star at the top of the Christmas tree. The star must be placed firmly and without any bends. This star imitates the "Star of Bethlehem" that appeared in the legend of the birth of Jesus, symbolizing the illumination of the darkness in people's hearts and guiding people to seek and return to the Savior Jesus. Of course, there are also some less traditional Christmas trees that have an angel at the top.