How To Choose Household Decoration?

Update:07 Apr

After the house is decorated, in addition to the necessary home appliances, furniture, and daily necessities, we also need to arrange some decorations for our new home to add some color to our new home.

In fact, decorations can not only embellish and decorate the entire room but also create a sense of atmosphere with different styles and create a house of your own style.

Today, our family listed some household decoration products that can be used in daily life. The New Year is coming, everyone can decorate their home, let's take a look.

1. Murals

1. Decorative painting

Modern young people have a wide range of hobbies and accept cultural diversity. Various types of decorative paintings have always been popular in household decoration. For example, landscape, forest and garden style, animation two-dimensional style, character environment style, minimalist fashion style, abstract and unique style, etc.

According to the decoration style of different rooms, you can configure different decorative paintings, or you can combine them individually or in combination. Decorative paintings are generally placed in the entrance, living room, and bedroom.

2. Photo Wall

The collocation of the photo wall emphasizes harmony, which can be a simple black-and-white collocation or a rich and colorful mix and match. The photo wall can be a series of elemental photos or a combination of photos of family and friends. It is also very meaningful to use such a photo wall to record people around you.

The placement of the photo wall can be a regular nine-square grid, or it can be arranged in a spiral pattern. No matter what kind, as long as it is harmonious and natural, it can enhance the beauty of the home.

2. Flowers and green plants

Whether it is ancient or modern, people like to place plants in the living room. Placing plants indoors not only plays a decorative role but also purifies the fresh air. Different plants and flowers have different meanings, and there are also exquisite placements.

The living room is suitable for placing some large-leaf ornamental green plants, and you can also place some plants that attract wealth and prosperity, such as lucky bamboo, fortune tree, happiness tree, etc. Some plants that absorb formaldehyde and remove toluene can be placed in the bedroom, such as tiger skin Orchids, green radishes, Chlorophytum, etc.

3. Pillow carpet

Don't overlook this practical decoration, sofa throw pillow or bed throw pillow. A sofa or bed with a large area of blank space will look thinner if there are fewer pillows, and some decorations are needed to match. The color and style of the pillow should be selected according to the color of the sofa and the overall space, for example, dark sofa + light Color pillow, solid color sofa + multi-element pillow.

Similarly, carpets can also be used as a part of home interior decoration. The entrance hall, under the coffee table in the living room, and the bay window in the bedroom are all places where carpets can be placed. The carpet can not only prevent dust but also increase the sense of space.

4. Lighting

Lamps are very important to light up home decorations. A home without lights is soulless. And today's lamps are no longer limited to lighting, but can also be used to decorate the room. Lighting decorations of different shapes, materials, colors, and sizes can create different light and shadow effects and bring people different feelings.

The lighting decorations selected in different spaces are different, and the lighting decorations are more and more inclined to meet people's requirements for the environmental atmosphere. The popular sunset lights and LED lanterns appear on many occasions, which also proves this point.

5. Handmade ornaments

All kinds of weaving, wooden holiday decorations, and fabric ornaments are now popular among the public. These ornaments are usually handmade with knots and spinning cloth. If you have ideas, you can also DIY at home. The tassel style on this fabric hanging decoration is more elegant and fresh, and some have ethnic characteristics.