Hallowmas Gifts Decoration Manufacturers Introduce The Customs Of Halloween

Update:12 Aug

Hallowmas Gifts Decoration Manufacturers introduce the customs of Halloween:

1. Trick or Treat
To celebrate Halloween, children dress up as various cute ghosts and knock on doors from house to house, asking for candy, or trick-or-treating.

2. The parade of ghosts
In the run-up to Halloween, October 31st, America's streets are filled with live performances: hallucinatory magic, realistic zombies and ghosts, and screenings of horror movies.

3. Jack-o-lantern
The jack-o-lantern is a symbol of Halloween. On Halloween, every family will buy pumpkins, hollow out the middle of these pumpkins and carve the outer skin into a ghost face, and then put candles inside to turn into jack-o-lanterns.

4. Bite the apple game
Another Halloween custom is the most popular game of biting apples, in which people float apples in a basin filled with water, and then ask participants to bite the apples with their mouths without using their hands. Whoever bites first is the winner.