Easter Gifts Decoration Suppliers Introduces Details Of 2 Symbols Of Easter

Update:04 Nov

Easter Gifts Decoration Suppliers introduces the details of 2 symbols of Easter:

1. Easter eggs
During the festival, according to traditional customs, people boil the eggs and paint them red, which represents the swan weeping blood and the happiness after the birth of the goddess of life. Adults and children gather in groups of three or five to play a game with Easter eggs. They roll the Easter eggs on the ground or on the soil slope. The last one that breaks is the winner, and the winner can get all the Easter eggs of the players. The event is so popular that the White House in the United States organizes this game during Easter. It is believed that the egg rolling back and forth on the ground can make the devil constantly tremble and suffer. This custom has a long history, and the egg is used as a symbol of Easter because it heralds the arrival of new life, and it is believed that new life will be born out of it.

2. Easter Bunny
Another symbol of Easter is the bunny, which is regarded as the creator of new life because of its strong reproductive ability. During the festival, adults will vividly tell children that Easter eggs will hatch into bunnies. Many families also put some Easter eggs on the garden lawn for the children to play the game of finding Easter eggs. Easter eggs and bunnies have also become popular items during the holiday season. In addition, lilies are the main flower used during Easter.