Easter Bunny Decoration Manufacturers Introduces The Origin Of The Easter Bunny

Update:23 Dec

There are many legends about the Easter bunny. There is a saying that it is difficult for the rabbits to find food after the cold winter, so they come to the village people's gardens to forage in the spring. But in fact, rabbits are very timid animals, they will not appear near people. So earlier it was believed that the rabbits came to the garden to hide Easter eggs. The symbol of Christ's Easter is the lamb. So there will be a lot of lamb-shaped bread and biscuits during the current Easter season. Easter lamb used to be baked in the oven in the shape of a bunny.

Easter Bunny Decoration Manufacturers Introduction Easter is a religious festival for Christians to commemorate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Every year when the vernal equinox passes, the first Sunday after the first full moon is the resurrection. In the early years, there was a dispute over the date of Easter in the Christian church, which caused a moment of confusion. It was not until 325 AD that the priests' meeting decided that the whole church would celebrate Easter on one day. There are many traditional celebrations of Easter, and eggs are the most typical symbol of Easter. In ancient times, people often regarded the egg as a symbol of fertility and resurrection, because it conceived new life. Later, Christians endowed the egg with a new meaning, thinking that it is a symbol of the tomb of Jesus, and the life of the future is to break free from it and be born. At Easter, people often dye eggs red to represent the blood that Jesus shed during his crucifixion and also symbolize the joy after the resurrection. There is also an ancient custom of giving boiled eggs to street children for games. They drop eggs from the hillside: whoever breaks the egg last wins. All easter eggs belong to him. The White House in the United States also plays this game every year, just rolling the eggs on the lawn.

Now every Easter, candy stores big and small in the United States always sell Easter snacks and eggs made of chocolate. The small ones are about the size of eggs, and the big ones are as big as melons. Children eat them with great relish. It is also a good gift for relatives and friends. The traditional Easter food is meat, mainly lamb and ham. They all have a certain meaning. According to the "Bible", God will test Abraham and asked him to sacrifice his only son as a sowing sacrifice. Abraham really complied, and when he raised his knife to kill him, God ordered an angel to stop him. At this time, Abraham happened to find a ram, so he took it and offered it as a burnt offering instead of his son. Therefore, using sheep to sacrifice is an old tradition during festivals. The lamb symbolizes devotion to Jesus. As for eating ham, it is said that it is a custom of the British to show contempt for the rule that the Jews forbid meat.