Does Wood Harvest Festival Pumpkin Decoration Factory Introduce What Is The Meaning Of Pumpkin?

Update:06 Jan

Pumpkin is an annual vine herbaceous plant, the stem often takes root at the joints, the elongation is 2-5 meters, the leaves are wide oval or oval, slightly soft, the veins are raised, the tendrils are slightly thick, monoecious, the fruit stems are thick, There are ribs and grooves, long oval or oblong, depending on the variety, there are often several longitudinal grooves or none on the outside, and there are many seeds. Pumpkin has a well-developed root system, the main root can penetrate the soil as deep as 2 meters, and there are more than 20 first-level lateral roots, about 50 cm long, and the longest can reach 140 cm and can give birth to a third- and fourth-level lateral roots, forming a strong root group. The main root group is densely distributed in the 10-40 cm plow layer. Next, Wood Harvest Festival Pumpkin Decoration Factory introduces what is the meaning of pumpkin.

The auspicious meaning of pumpkin refers to many children and grandchildren, long-term luck, prosperity, wealth, happiness in life, and love as before. Allegory has deep meaning. There are more seeds in the pumpkin, and the vines are always longer, intertwined with each other, so it has the meaning of many children and grandchildren, long-term luck, prosperity, and wealth. At the same time, pumpkin melon meat has the characteristics of simplicity and sweetness, so there are auspicious meanings of happiness in life and love as before, which are all extended according to their characteristics, and these meanings are relatively easy to understand.