5 Unique Wood Harvest Festival Pumpkin Decoration Methods

Update:25 Nov

Halloween is coming Pumpkin, a vegetable, and fruit that is usually ignored has become the protagonist. Let us pick up brushes and tools and use our brains to make them one of the most unique beings at the Halloween party. Below, take a look at 5 unique Wood Harvest Festival Pumpkin Decoration methods:

1. Metal Pumpkin
Spray the surface of the pumpkin with metallic paint and place the golden-coated pumpkin on a black tablecloth with trinkets and some hay. This color scheme is then integrated with metal elements, which is refreshing. Or put some metal pumpkins on your front porch and decorate them with sequins to give your house a whole new look with these little touches.

2. Load into glass jars
Packing some mini pumpkins in a round glass vase is a great decorating idea, or packing mini pumpkins in a crystal can achieve the same visual effect. Even a little pumpkin can be floated in a glass bowl with some candles, one word is "amazing", so go try it!

3. Potted Pumpkin
Hollow out the squash to make a container for succulents or other in-season plants. Or cut a big hole in one side of the pumpkin, dig out the contents, and put in miniature furniture and other fairy-tale-like things to make a Halloween-themed fairy garden for the little ones.

4. Spell the letters
Carve words or letters like "Welcome" and "Thanks" on the large pumpkin on your front steps. Put some mini pumpkins on the table, then cut a small slit on the top of the mini pumpkins, and put the position card on the table, so that every guest who arrives can feel full of enthusiasm and a strong Halloween atmosphere.

5. Make bird nests
Can pumpkins be made into birdhouses Cut them in half sideways and fill them with bird feed. Lay two chopsticks on top as bird perches and place them in the yard. In a yard full of fallen leaves in autumn, there is a special flavor!