5 Parts Of Wood Christmas Tree Decoration

Update:21 Oct

5 parts of Wood Christmas Tree Decoration :

1. Tree top star: The tree top star is a star inserted on the Christmas tree. It's very flickering. With the tree top star dressed up, the Christmas tree will be even more immortal. Moreover, the treetops can also charge and glow, which is very eye-catching.

2. Muppets: You can decorate some small dolls on the Christmas tree, that is, puppets in the shape of Santa Claus. I'm sure the kids will love such beautiful Christmas puppets on the gorgeous Christmas tree.

3. Snowflakes: Snowflakes are the most common decorations on Christmas trees. As you can imagine, there are many white snowflakes hanging from the green Christmas tree. It feels very romantic and can feel the breath of winter. At the same time, you can also buy some large snowflakes to hang on the roof, and you can see the snow scene outdoors.

4. The bell: The bell block means to inform the birth of Christianity, which comes from heaven. Some people will use the bell to make people not lose and return to God; at the same time, the bell block also means to exorcise evil spirits, so you can also hang a bell on the Christmas tree.

5. Apples and Ruby: Apples and rubies are also Christmas tree decorations. As the fruit of wisdom in the Garden of Eden, it not only symbolizes the fruit that brings good harvest or happiness, but the ruby ​​symbolizes the tree of life, which has a beautiful meaning.